Saturday, September 22, 2012

a gift for you

Star gazing and technology tracking is ingrained in our everyday thinking.  We have been trained that within milliseconds of one product hitting the market, there will be a better gadget before the blink of an eye.  Which introduces a new hybrid of group-think that spends their time constantly in search of the next best thing.  They express disdain for the current technology only to be longing for the next in line.

I listened to a guy today say that he really used to love reading, so he bought a Kindle.  Then the iPad was released and he had to have it, so he sold his Kindle for an iPad.  But then the iPad came with so many functions that he never made time to read with it.  So he thought, 'I'm going back to hardbound books.'  At which time, he sold the iPad and began to purchase real books.  Before he could truly sink his teeth into any of his newly found good reads, a new kindle was released and his vicious cycle began again... he has yet to complete a novel.

This 'hamster-on-a-wheel' mentality makes it impossible to live in the moment.  Which got me to thinking, Are you really Where you are? Or Are you just an echo of future yourself?

Can you feel all of the joys of life with a presence and awareness only your third eye can reveal?

Being aware of new trends makes you savvy. No one should ever discredit that but try, for once, to feel the intensity of each day you live.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Enjoy the air filling your lungs and allow yourself a mental smile when you exhale.  Say aloud that you are having a great time doing something or other...  And laugh. Your laughter will allow your present self to really engage in the world around you.


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